Floral mosaics for bathroom walls

Today we talk about some beautiful floral mosaics for bathroom . We opened the door to our house to let in the spring. And what better way than with flowers , for its color, its freshness and natural wellness feeling they convey.Who said that tiles can only be square? The new model Capri from Porcelain is a good example of how any shape can be transferred to a ceramic tile.


But our proposal goes further, we want the whole year to enjoy the spring and the idea is to coat the walls of your home with glass mosaic tiles with floral motifs. Thanks to the versatility of the mosaic, and the huge color chart-offers, you can make endless decorations and turn them into reality with the exclusive service Art Factory .

Roses, lotus flowers, wild flowers, hydrangeas, organic forms …… the sources of inspiration are in nature, in the spring and their exuberance. An explosion of color that refreshes any room and fills it with light and energy.
All Hisbalit mosaics are environmentally friendly made from 100% recycled and recyclable glass, for integration into natural environments while respecting the environment.


This new mosaic floral Porcelain proposals draw petals with white monochromatic radiant as the model Nacre , or options where stylized bolder bathe colored leaves, combining from soothing pastel shades to the purest pigments and flashy. Thus, different shades of blue and brown models are combined in Aqua and Coffee , while models Spring and Coral blend multiple colors to achieve a more cheerful and colorful.

The lines between the different parts diminish with subsequent grouting, forming a continuous mural featuring the reflections of light that radiates the ceramic surface. The result leaves no one indifferent. To get a retro with a modern twist very cool, from Porcelanosa we propose a mosaic tiled bathroom with Spring Capri equipment combined with bath edge, as this sink made ​​in Kreeon © Modul series of Systempool . A bet more sober, but very attractive, is the result of combining Mosaic Pearl Capri with double sink Epoque collection, also System-pool .

In addition, dramatic results are achieved when using grout epotech Gold and Silver Butech with elegant metallic finishes in gold and silver.

More than white is a collection of wall tiles, with basic tile still a luxury size 30 x 60 cm white matt or polish, and a vast selection of a range of style options, including strips and mosaics. The plain white wall tile 30 x 60 cm and the other style components can be combined in a module with the tiled floor of the gray and Terra Maastricht collections, including the new white porcelain color. With white wall tile of 30 x 60 cm base and matching, contemporary possibilities, the name of this collection says it all: More than white.

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