Floating Treppe-a decision for courageous aesthetes

The staircase is an important element in every house, because with his help, we have the opportunity from one floor to the next. As an addition, we can the steps give a decorative character and use it to beautify the Interior. Some homeowners opt for a modern form of the staircase and the staircase. Certainly the floating stairs formations among the Group of modern stair. The floating stairs will bring refreshment and elegance in your interior.

Floating glass staircase railing

In today’s article we’ll show you some designers floating stairs that you wanted in their dream home, maybe.


Depending on the shape, the size and the material from which it is built, we can distinguish several styles by the floating stairs. Generally are people who opt for floating stairs to those who are minimalist, elegant and also stylishly designed.

Floating glass staircase staircase

The security

Open and floating stairs look is fantastic, however, are not for sissies. If you tend to be clumsy or awkward, or to go into the bedroom, half asleep after a few drinks to consider better two times.

Floating staircase external staircase

Child safety

Who has young children and still stylish may have it, should perhaps not quite without a railing. So it is suitable for children and you insist on your good taste, a self-supporting staircase with glass railing the perfect compromise would be.

Floating staircase Klotz

Choice of material

Also on the subject of material choice, caution is advised. The levels of the floating stairs can be built not so easy. With the help of hidden elements, the levels can be attached so that they comply with all safety regulations. Glass stairs, for example, be fixed by hidden brackets on the wall and create the impression that they float freely in space.

Floating staircase soft white

It is highly recommended that you consult with an architect or engineer and give the floating stairs in order. So the good looking, will be well good and safe for you and your family.

Floating staircase steel exchanger

Floating staircase steel wood

Floating staircase stone staircase

Floating staircase Stone Steel

Floating staircase white

Floating stairs from below

Floating stairs once from the side

Floating stairs once

Floating stairs Samer

Floating stairs sw

Screw floating staircase glass