Feng Shui colors and trends 2014

Key aspects of Feng Shui colors stand stays and the location of the furniture in the house, especially in the bedroom as it is the resting place and where it is necessary that the chi flow freely. Discover the trends and colors of feng shui 2014.


Trends interior design Feng Shui 2014
The feng shui seeks harmony of the elements for the energy to flow freely in space, so that the interior decoration Feng Shui seeks to harmonize environments so that their residents have the desired balance.

Range of yellows, oranges and browns
This palette is happy and mentally stimulating, so it is recommended for both studios and offices, to the dining room, lounge and kitchen.


Green for the bedroom and the living room
One of the colors that will be in the decorations of 2014 is a great range of green, especially lime green. This color according to feng shui is ideal for bedrooms as they encourage rest and relaxation. Another feng shui stays recommends decorating with greens is the living room. An inexpensive way to decorate green living is to combine the various furniture such as sofas or textile IKEA catalog was launched in 2014.

White and black for hallways and kitchen
The trend Black and White is one of the most successful the year 2014. The black is a color that visually reduce the space and that is why feng shui for 2014 recommended for use in the kitchen, in the lobby, in the dining room and on the stairs.

Rainbow of colors feng shui 2014
Another trend in interior decorating and colors that feng shui 2014 is recommended for the combination of yellows, blues and greens. It’s simple to take small splashes of color to every room with decorative elements such as candles, lamps or textile items such as blankets or cushions.



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