Fashion trend in interior design: round bed

Two of the main today’s trends in interior design directly opposite each other. This design, in which many angles, and in this case the chosen quite rough, or smooth rounded forms that allow you to play with space. In this case the Interior better looking furniture with rounded contours. But the Squeak-round beds, which are in themselves at the same time something futuristic and something from the good classical music of the past centuries.

small round flower bed design

Round bed-Interior, bedroom transforms into a boudoir or field pillow fight. In General, gives free rein to imagination! And where exactly the direction will move the inspiration, depends on the host.

bedroom design with round bed


Partying with girlfriends, get-together with normal, relaxation and recreation, violent sex, romantic breakfast in bed-round bed ideal for many activities. Only bedding you need to choose the right! Big bulky pads will look on it awkwardly, and blanket ideally should be refillable under the mattress. Even better is just not zastel√Ęti bed, than letting a square blanket, her cover, zvisnuti by Beaucamps.

design of round bed

Round bed is luxury and sexuality, originality and style. There are round with hoisting mechanisms and boxes for laundry, huge, which together can be starfish and not reach out to one another, compact, easy umisautsa in the space of the average bedroom under a round bed do not mind adjust to a different bedroom Interior: this Pearl needs effective framing! True, round bed does not require the presence of a large amount of furniture in the room, as the round shape requires a wide space. Sometimes just one bed in an empty bedroom.

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