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This is still a contribution from our series – exceptional hotels. We owe the idea for this harmonious contrast between the colorful graffiti art and strict minimalism of the Ukrainian designer Pavel Vetrov. He admits that he has used his own inspiration from the French artist TILT and his project – Panic Room. There, the artist has shown exactly the boundary between street art and purity in a masterful way.

exceptional hotels chic décor

The Ukrainian designer works for the company Archivizer, which deals with 3D visualization and design. In his portfolio, there are already numerous innovative projects that fascinate with creativity and admirable imagination. The unique art-dualism veräußerlicht the eternal interaction between chaos and order, this is happening since time immemorial in the universe.

exceptional hotels graffiti failed


Ever had the pleasure to to sleep in a hotel? You feel special all the time. Everything is somehow exceptional and everyday life remains completely out of mind. It is a unique experience that you should give up on occasion anyway. Usually hotels are way also quite diverse, where each room is quite unique and has its own atmosphere.

exceptional hotels fancy hotel room

exceptional hotels graffiti minimalism

exceptional hotels modern interiors

exceptional hotels white brick wall graffiti