Exotic plants as an accent on the terrace and in the House

Even though the holidays are already over this year, the holiday feeling can be – brought home with exotic plants. The Hardy species can be planted are in planters and can embellish the terrace in the autumn months. Delicate exotic plants will contribute in the House for feel-good atmosphere. And in the garden of the holiday villa you will feel long throughout the year. We present you a project from Peru – the modern building was designed by the talented Adrian Noboa Architekto and realized, and spiced up with lush plants.

exotic plant palms patio citrus Wuerstenstauden

In this dream house blends the line between indoor and outdoor. The three-story building opens by means of large ground-up-glass sliding doors high to the ceiling and let the distant view of the nearby city and coast. Hillside location, the residents on each floor can enjoy a spacious terrace with beautiful views. The modern architecture is harmoniously thanks to the successful selection of material in the hilly area around – the facade is clad in natural stone slabs and floor coverings are installed with noble finely polished travertine tiles.

Exotic plants Balcony palms Pflanzkuebel


The stunning modern architecture with country house-touch is complemented by the greening. Palm trees, desert plants and ornamental grasses in clay pots provide comfortable atmosphere and provide shade.

exotic plant palms shrubs beside pool

The plants are so arranged that they offer privacy and at the same time never stand in the way. You complete the terrace design and charming contrast to the flat surface of the lawn. And even if you don’t notice it at first glance, they are a beautiful addition to the Interior.

arrange exotic plants terrace Pflanzkuebel

Exotic plants corridor design creepers palms

exotic plants garden Rasenflaeche Parked place modern design

Exotic plants House Peru Terrace

Exotic plants ornamental grasses kitchen hood

exotic plants patio design stone facade wooden floor

Exotic plants terrace cultivate palms

Exotic plants terracotta pots next to dining outdoors background

Setting Exotic plants indoors living room cozy welcoming area exotic