Errors in decoration that you should avoid

Often, we are so comfortable in our house that no errors reparmos in decoration, such that most of the time we realize to visit the home of our friends, but in our case we ignore. To awaken the lethargy of comfort and habit, we present a list of common mistakes to be avoided if we have a home not only more pleasing to the eye, but a house 100% functional .

Interior Design

To go to the rescue of taste is necessary to be demanding with our decorations for the house, example is the blissful artificial flowers . If you place a home, try to be very creative designs and bright, with a finish of first, otherwise it is better to discard it spoil the environment and gather dust. Instead placed fresh flowers at strategic points in the house as coffee tables or corner, depending on the decoration.

Regarding the furniture, it is preferable that the sofas and armchairs not have too many cushions that prevent sit, ideally that the chairs look good and you can sit comfortably in them. If you have many, discarded a few.


Another point that must be attacked from the front, the ornaments and figurines, too, difficult to clean and stop being pleasant sight. Looking to give a balance to the environment. Regarding the windows, these should never be naked, use of curtains or blinds give a touch of intimacy that every home requires, besides helping to regulate the light.

Every good decoration is functional, so rearrange your furniture evaluates whether these will hinder access to the rooms of your home. Once you do, you will notice if the spaces are well lit or not, ensures that there is not enough light to torture in sight. Immediately check wiring ocĂșltalos place and properly.

Finally, decorate the halls with paintings and colored paint; prevents souvenir recharge your corners, especially if they go against the decor, and set the carpet on the floor to avoid accidents.