Ecological Dream Villa with stunning architecture

If you have the appropriate Villa and you have enough imagination, you could build yourself so a Villa like this here. They brought home leftovers of twigs and branches in this use. Quiet, these villas can be described as dream homes.The conical roof was created from straw. These and also the walls of the House show trains, which provide the overall gentle and curved appearance of the structure. Branches emerge also from the ceiling of the House.

beautiful villa with ecological architecture

Here we see a picture of the swimming pool. It enriches the atmosphere through its wonderful rural appearance. This is characterized by great gorges in line with the whole project.The tree, which is located next to it, throws a thick shadow on the whole Court, and partly about the swimming pool that is home, as you have probably already recognized the landscape in Africa. For this reason, it is not uncommon that you can watch live great pictures with native animals.

dining area beautiful villa africa wood furniture


It has set very wide here rural lighting use. They are characterized by their liquid crystal screens. Through this has be provided thanks to the quiet village, which is located this House here and thanks to the suitable climate has build you an external retreat for exactly the right lighting in various places in the House.The pieces of furniture are branches, which have been adapted to this purpose through a little revision. The ceiling and the carriers are made from bamboo. Inside the House has an open living plan, which was divided by the constellation of furniture in different areas. The decoration, ceiling, and other details make the Interior really appealing and charming!

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