Eastern Decoration ideas for a Moroccan atmosphere in the spaces

oriental decoration Moroccan flair spatial arrangement of textile curtains

Who would like to create an eastern atmosphere in the living-rooms, must not necessarily fall back on expensive pieces of furniture. Also, the small things can achieve the wished effect. We have put together some mad ideas about eastern Decoration with which you can transform your spaces into romantic and exotic surroundings. 
Collect inspirations and create an ambiance like in Morocco or Egypt.
oriental decoration paravent stones metal multicolored room divider
Even if it is necessary to exchange immediately the whole equipment, nevertheless, some smaller pieces of furniture can contribute perfectly to the wished ambiance. So a Raumtrenner from wood and with eastern carvings can look very decorative. From from wrought steel and with glitter stones this eastern decoration can exist. 

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Moroccan Living Room New Decor Excellent Moroccan Living Room - Imageelf
Moroccan Living Room New Decor Excellent Moroccan Living Room – Imageelf

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