dymitr malcew: bali hill house

Somehow, the design represents a kind of limit. Build a demarcation between nature and the artificial, between the wild and the controlled. It is what allows us to live in the world with meaning.

The Floating House Interior proposes a domesticated isolating and simultaneously connects its user-crew member with a fascinating field, the ocean. The Floating House was designed by the Designer and Architect Dymitr Malcew for people who appreciate freedom and contact with nature. The house has 2 bedrooms luxury, 2 bathrooms, lounge, kitchen and spacious terrace.
‘s concept of houseboat is inspired by nature, openness and luxurious and easy life. The perfect connection with the environment is achieved with minimal intervention, which offers the highest level of sustainability.

dymitr malcew: bali hill house



bird’s eye view

plan view