Dramatic home furnishings in dark colors

This private multi level apartment located in Istanbul, in Turkey and was designed by the architects Tanju Ozelgin. The project bears the name of “House” and presents a dramatic home furnishings in dark colors, which looks a bit gloomy, but also visually appealing. The modern living room was full of local forms and materials shaped, but shows a style and taste, that are not typical for Turkey.

apartment furnishings dark colors black dining area dining room table

In this project for home furnishings Ozelgin has cleverly combines stone and concrete with polished marble, wood and glass. The use of rough stone surfaces on walls and floors can be considered an example of the use of local materials. This stone elements are complemented by warm wood floors.

apartment means dark colored dining area living area adjacent

The tables polished marble are among the most distinctive pieces of furniture, that give a distinctive look to the living room. The smooth marble surfaces in black and white and the stair railings made of clear glass stand in contrast to the gray granite walls. Adjacent to the dining area and the steps is the kitchenette, which extends along the wall and gradually passes into a bookcase. In addition, there is a lounge area where you relax with book reading or television can. The private rooms – two bedrooms with bathrooms and a quiet work area are located on the upper level.

apartment furnishings dark colors kitchen dining area  apartment means dark colored dining area long dining table

arbeitszimmer gray stone wall tiling wood floor optics

bathroom design dark colors gray brown

bathroom design tiles dark colors

bedroom brown creme open to the bathroom

bedroom dark colors black gray open to bad

inneneinrichtung dark colored decorative sculpture human likeness

inneneinrichtung dark colors staircase dramatic sculpture

inneneinrichtung dark colors stairs sculpture

living room furnishings dark colored wall tiling slate slabs tv wall mounted

living room furnishings dark colored wall tiling stone optics red gemaelde

living room furnishings dark-colored double-height over large sofa

living room furnishings dark-colored indirect lighting wall

living room leather sofa brown university dark colors

means dark-colored wood kitchen fronts black bookcases

wooden floor bathroom dark colors gray tiles