DIY Tips: The Right Way of Painting Furniture

So They not clashes with the walls and the ceiling, now it is the turn of reforming our furniture, do you want to know how?

Na time painted the ceiling and the walls of a room, the next step consist of renewing the image of all the carpentry, adapting it to the new colors of the room. To do so, the first thing you need to do is clean and sand all the wood. Applied in several coats, enamel paintings provide the most durable coating for wood.


If the woodwork is in good condition, or if you want to special finish, there are many other possibilities,: such as dyeing, varnishing or waxing.
Paint wood
shiny or matte glazes should be applied on the surface of wood in layers in order to several form a protective coating.
Ensure you of that each layer is dried before giving you another hand; In this sense, in colder environments, paintings may take several days to dry.
PT end it with a layer of brush bristles worn soft to obtain just very smooth and well airs the room.


to repaint the wood, first thing you should do is wash the surface with soap and sanding rough surfaces with fine grain sandpaper or medium. Then, eliminates the dust with a cloth moistened in turpentine.

Then end the paint layer on the prepared surface. If you want to apply a new color, paints to layer basis, and when it is dry, proceed to apply the finish coat.

Varnishing and staining wood
Provide Varnishes Enamels as well durable finishes and can be found with matte, satin and glossy finishes. , Moreover, the varnish with pigments change the color of the wood.

The first thing to do is to preparing the wood for painting in the same way as for the glazes: sanding and filling in until you get a smooth surface. Then brush the dust and clean the surface with a rag soaked in turpentine. It’s a simpler process that consist of the following steps:

1-apply the varnish: pour the varnish in a bucket and then to wet to RAG, that apply rubbing it on the wood in the address of the vetoes.

2 sanding first coat: Eleven dry the first coat of varnish, with care becomes a fine sand paper over the surface.

3. Remove dust: particles from the surface with a brush or an old brush cleans. Finish remove dust with a cloth moistened with turpentine.

4. Apply the finish coat: following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply each layer with a clean brush. Lightly sanded the surface since each layer you have dried.


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