DIY How to Tutorial rug with tassels

DIY: How do tassels
Today I bring you a tutorial super easy and is very versatile. Beautiful tassels can completely change the image of a blanket, a towel, a carrycot, or curtains. Then step by step full (that I’ve seen here) to see if you fancy.

rug tassel repair

Real autumn is here, finally, and comes with the drop in temperatures. Those moments of snuggling up on the couch with our favorite quilt, this blanket may need a relay. On Design Sponge, a focus of brilliant ideas, we find a tutorial how to make tassels if you want to add a distinguished touch to our blanket market why not something like.



A blanket
A piece of cardboard
Thread, the desired thickness.

DIY How do tassels

rug with tassels ideas

rug with tassels


Tutorial rug with tassels idea

jute rug with tassels

jute rug with tassels idea

Tutorial rug with tassels