DIY egg for Easter – a simple guide & 22 ideas

Easter eggs can be decorated not only with color. There are infinitely many ideas for original designs with paper, stones or but fabric. And if you still looking for further decoration ideas for Easter breakfast table, you can drag Yes our today’s instructions into consideration. That is cute DIY egg to Easter, which you can do in just a few steps.

DIY easter egg warmer Bobble Hat himself white dress-wool

With you, your freshly cooked eggs are hard to cold in the morning. In this way, you can enjoy still a warm egg even after the sandwiches and coffee. To the craft, you need only a sewing machine. It makes even the simplest. Finally, we would like to introduce you to further ideas for DIY egg at Easter, which are determined as well like you.

-an old sweater or knitted fabric
-Sewing thread in the same or similar color
-boiled eggs
-Sewing machine
-Sewing needle
-Tailor’s Chalk
-Scissors for fabric
-Wool for the Bobble

DIY easter egg warmer muetze idea white light blue Garland Bobble paper

1. cut off the sleeves of the sweater first. In the vicinity of the cut you then draw a triangle with a chalk. The width of the triangle should be here about be at least 7.5 cm and the height 12.5 cm. For a DIY egg need two of these triangles to Easter.

2 put down the two triangles for the DIY egg at Easter using the pins at the edges. This prevents that they move when sewing. Sew the two sides. The shorter, lower side must remain open.

3. one centimeter or more of the bottom fold upwards and sew it. In this way, you create the hem and you prevent the fabric apart threads itself. You have done that, you turn the surviving bonnet. Now you are done almost with the DIY egg at Easter.

4. Next you need to only the PomPoms for the DIY egg at Easter. This is incredibly easy. Wrap the wool around two of your fingers. In the Middle you then tie a strong knot, and then you can make the loops of the fingers. The loops are cut then on top. So you get the fringe of the Pompom.

5. Finally, sew the Bobble to the stocking CAP and your cute DIY egg at Easter is finished. Did you like this idea, you will find interesting also determines the following ideas. Let yourself be inspired.

DIY easter egg warmer linen stripe bag haenkel hem laughing smile

You can make interesting DIY Easter egg by using the crochet technique. Many of our next example show just such designs that represent a real eye-catcher on any table.

If is not crochet can or looking for a faster way to build the DIY egg at Easter, can help you use of course again the upper Variant. Just take an old sweater and use the finished knitting or crochet design for the egg. Felt or fleece are also a great way to DIY style egg at Easter. It is also wonderfully easy to work with these materials. That makes it perfect materials, if want to tinker with your common children.

DIY easter egg warmer material simply tinker motifs eggs hens figures

At the felt, you don’t need to worry about the above thread of the substance. A mule must be sewn so egg at Easter in this case not for the DIY which saves not only time, but especially also having trouble.

For this DIY egg at Easter, you must cut out only an arbitrary shape and then sew them together at the edge. Instead, you can use also glue, making it even easier the craft idea. Add then there are several layers in flower shape, as well as a head.

DIY easter egg warmer swatch bag yarn colorful simple design

Also from any other materials, you can do of course great DIY Easter egg. In principle, you can reuse fabric scraps this way or old towels and other textiles. So don’t just throw it out. Maybe even a useful use can be found for your old clothes.

Cast a great is including the Easter decor textile, use wonderfully to the crafting of various things. They give the room a rustic feel and can be combined with other substances in any colors to create great designs and patterns. The DIY Easter egg can you SEW practical Hänkel. So you can hang them in the kitchen and they have immediately at hand. Also, the egg so immediately transformed into a beautiful mural, which just much more comfortable to have your kitchen can be.

DIY easter egg warmer simply felt flower pattern sewing stick button

Of course can not only the eggs nicely decorated egg at Easter are with the DIY. Like, you can use the colorful Easter eggs, which can also consist of plastic, and then make these as figures on a table, the fireplace mantel or on a window sill to the show. Caps look funny and can be combined as a surprise for your family with cute faces. Even more interesting, this makes the Easter decoration on the table. The DIY egg for Easter so as you can see just expanded and be designed to any.

Crochet hats of diy egg warmer to easter colorful mini cloth wool

Since it is usually still quite cool to the spring, suitable hats very well as a motif. Choose a plain white, which you then spice it up with colorful pompons.

Advanced in terms of crochet also this great idea for DIY is suitable to egg Easter. Make Easter Bunny, with the egg in this case cover not only the upper half, but serve at the same time as egg and warm the bottom of man and woman. There don’t get the idea that eggs are hidden in it. Very simply, this idea for DIY is egg at Easter. Take a white cloth and paint any, colorful pattern on it. You can then wrap the eggs so and tie top with yarn or wool. The example is so simple that even your children can join and make your own egg itself.

DIY easter egg warmer textile tinker letter cupboard material

With this DIY egg at Easter can be a simple idea. They look like hats with small lobes and are made very quickly felt. Combine different colors on the table to create a colorful Spring decoration .

DIY easter egg warmer tischdeko yellow Hat blue green red pompoms

DIY easter egg warmer white hare fleece light blue ribbon

DIY easter eggs egg warmer material wool thread sewing machine of scissors sweater

DIY egg warmer easter deco breakfast yellow chickens eggs plastic

DIY egg warmer easter funny idea tutorial Cap mini egg

DIY egg warmer easter mini muetze idea colorful pom poms of craft idea faces eggs

DIY egg warmer easter mini stocking Cap sweater sewing fabric scraps

DIY egg warmer knit chicks easter steady eyes cute figure white Po Cup

DIY egg warmer to easter rooster idea felt purple triangle

DIY green of egg warmer to easter Hat idea felt acorn blue gray

DIY sewing cut eggs warm easter manual steps triangle

DIY to easter crochet cute flower meadow bunny egg warmer

DIY wool bobble tinker eggs warm eater manual cutting scissors

easter DIY egg warmer to O'Hare one woman crocheting ideas