Dining room design

Is it time to revamp that dining room which seems to have become a catch all for everyone including the family pet? Have you recently acquired a new home or is your existing dining room simply in need of a fresh new look? Yes, it may be time to consider some new dining room decorating ideas. To begin you’ll need to think ceiling to floor.

How’s the Lighting?

There are so many varieties of lighting fixtures from which to choose. The chandelier directly over the dining table is still a popular choice in lighting and comes in many styles. From quaint country, to Victorian, to ultra sleek and modern, these decorative and functional fixtures add charm to your room.


Wall sconces are additional lighting that adds character and appeal. You will certainly want to add these to your list of dining room decorating ideas. They can be strategically placed in areas where a bit of additional lighting is needed. Up- lights are another thought for showcasing a favorite piece of artwork or a corner housing a lush, green leaved plant.

You will want to add dimmer switches to all of your lighting. Bright lighting is essential when cleaning or using that dining table as a desk, as is the case in many homes but dimming capability is vital too. The dimmer will soften the brightness in the room to varying degrees and add ambience when desired that really can’t be obtained without it.

Choose Your Furnishings

Size is crucial in all aspects of this mixed bag of dining room decorating ideas. The size of your room of course will determine the size and number of furnishings you will want to put into it. How big is your family? How often do you enjoy entertaining and how many at one time? Does the room need multi-purpose qualities?

There’s a lot to think about here. Selections of tables and chairs are just as prolific as lighting fixtures. Once you’ve determined seating capabilities it’s all up to the style you prefer. Tables and chairs come in solid woods, metals and other materials. The chairs may be upholstered and if so, remember to consider stain protection.

Other furnishings to add to your dining room decorating ideas will include a buffet or credenza which will add storage space for table linens as well as provide a serving area. For obvious reasons many are now manufactured with attractive heat proof surfaces making them safer and far more convenient than the older finished wood tops.

The Multi-purpose Dining Room

You may want to include other pieces in your dining room decorating ideas for multi purpose storage. Rather than a hutch to display those pretty dishes and glassware, think about a tall barrister book case, which can serve other storage functions as well. Other furnishings like dressers and armoires can be repurposed to suit the dining room. There are oodles of dining room decorating ideas and it all begins with a little imagination and lots of creative fun for you.