Design of large mountain home with modern design

Know the plans and design of a large house in the mountains, the social areas are an important point to note in this property, as well as construction finishes sung perfectly with the natural environment of the area.

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As the house has settled in a rural setting such as the mountains, the slopes are an important part of design, ceilings keep a slight tilt in several waters (you can see the deck plans at end of article), include large exterior windows and finished in exposed concrete or mortar sing with the environment.

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We used wood on the front giving warmth to the house, besides the steel and glass as seen in Home Builds are widely used in modern houses elements.
Beautiful facade of the house in the mountains, you can see the polished concrete finishes toning with the environment,House perspective, we can see that the slopes are a natural part of such buildings in rural areas, Virtual cover made of wood, painting in dark tones very well with the colors of the landscape ,These floors and walls keep the rustic texture of the environment, and also as the color hues

Inside the home has been applied to several elements we’ve seen in the facade, ie wood and colors like beige and black color for some decorative details of the house.
Design of the room, we can see how the same wood exterior has been applied to the interior, white walls with black accents replicate in interior decoration.
Interior bedroom of the house in the mountain
While the kitchen has a conventional design, the stools are steely and the inclusion of the stone on the kitchen island which give remarkable design aspect.
The stools are steel and combine well with wood and kitchen island. Modeno bathroom design bathroom house in the mountain.A large bathroom for this big house, note how the colors are based on the scale of beige environment

House plans
The plans have been developed on a large lot which has enabled horizontal distributions, also included a BBQ with pool in the back of the house include the great social area extending beyond the dining room.

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