Design a Hot Tub Room

It’s more convenient to have a hot tub in an interior room of the house than outside. Or, you can build a room that is somewhat open to the outdoors, so you can enjoy the spacious feeling of Mother Nature but have more privacy as well. Take time to think about storing chemicals, towels, rubber mats and drinks near your hot tub area. You can design a hot tub room around these ideas

1-Measure the area you can allow for your hot tub and surrounding storage areas. Sketch a plan on graph paper to see how much actual space the hot tub itself will take up. Don’t forget to include room for a step stool bolted to the floor for getting into the tub.

2-Make a list of items you will need to store near the hot tub. Sketch room for installed wooden cabinets and wooden shelving to accommodate chemicals, towels and other items. Plan for doors to open outward if there is enough room. Otherwise, plan storage cabinets with sliding doors to save room. If you have enough room, install glass shelving in certain areas of the hot tub room. Plan wiring, outlets and light fixtures that will be needed.

3-Use wall materials and paint that will resist moisture. There are certain types of drywall that are highly moisture resistant. You will want to keep down mold in a hot tub room. If possible, build the ceiling higher than eight feet, so moisture can escape upward. Install a venting system to pull out the steam. Ceiling fans can help to distribute moisture as well, so it does not collect in cabinets where mold might form.

4-Include windows in the hot tub room that can be opened. Propping open windows for even a short period of time will keep the air well-vented when the hot tub cover is off. If your hot tub room is fully enclosed, windows along one side of the room will create an out-of-doors feeling.

5-Use ceramic porcelain tile or sheet vinyl on the floor of the hot tub room. Do not use any type of carpet. Carpet is a surface that will support mold formation in a damp area. Tile flooring can be cleaned more effectively, and it can be bleached if necessary to kill mold. If you choose to install sheet vinyl flooring, caulk well around the edges and install trim to hold it securely to the sub-flooring. Install a drain in the hot tub room for emptying the tub periodically.