Decorating living room with Animal Shaped Chairs

For some are real works of art worthy of being exhibited in a museum, for others are nothing more than a gruesome and grotesque reinterpretation of natural forms. Of course they discuss. And of course perfectly portray the wild nature of certain animals of the savannah that a little ‘fascinated and a little’ repels because it is dangerous.

Animal-shaped chairs

They are unique pieces of furniture in the Animal Chair collection , created by Spanish designer Maximo Riera . The artist, sculptor and photographer, he used his skill to create pieces that combine drama filled world of biology to the art and decor. Each creation of the Animal Chair collection combines a large piece of furniture baroque lines, with the features of a wild animal. The artist worked in order to keep the natural proportions, which is not easy given the need to incorporate, depending on the piece, a chair, an armchair or sofa in the figure of the animal.

The first piece was the Octopus Chair, followed by 15 ‘specimens’ belonging to different species from mammals to insects, passing for reptiles and amphibians, are part of the whole: a toad-sofa, an armchair-rhino, a seat whale-and, still in the works, a session-cockroach. Each piece is intended to be a mobile-sculpture to show off as a work of art: sculptures elegant and stately, like the animals they portray, a tribute to nature that populate our planet.
The precision and surprising adherence to reality in the representation of animals is obtained thanks to the use of a CNC milling machine for the bill, and a great attention to detail, as they spread the preparatory drawing. The chairs are designed with a robust internal structure that gives the works stability and balance. The extreme fidelity to the forms of nature creates a dissonance with Baroque furniture integrated into animal forms, while the deep black monochrome, which wraps the whole, helps to isolate the parts of the living environment or study.


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Maximo Riera animal chairs

Animal Chairs



rabbit Chair-in-Zoomorphic-Design