Decorating Ideas for flooring: Carpet Wall Decal

The stickers are the latest boom in decoration, they are very practical. You’ve probably seen plenty of stickers for walls, but there are also floor!

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These stickers carpets, also called vinyl rugs are made ​​with PVC and its advantages are many. In addition to its aesthetic, are not made ​​with fibers so they are hypoallergenic. Cleaning is very easy, you just have to scrub them, not scratch and are very durable. Also are insulators, they protect the floor, do not accumulate electrostatic charges and are self-extinguishing in fire hazard.
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They are an excellent choice to keep them throughout the year, because in summer we often remove heavier carpets to free up space. And without sacrificing looks, they are also perfect to decorate floors without having to worry about dust accumulating normal carpets, allergic reactions, or washing the complication of fear of being dirty.


wall to wall carpet ideas
There are many patterns, from classic to modern prints, or even funny. The measures are also diverse.

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The vinyl mats for home mimic classic or luxury rugs, oriental rug as the first image. There are also more classic prints or more dynamic and colorful prints. Given your measurements, we can choose to join one or several. If you notice, the patterns of the last two images, are designed so that they can join the drawings so we can get a wider surface, length or width.

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The carpet stickers are a great idea to decorate the living room floor, room-especially children-rooms and if you get tired of them, you can always change them at a much lower than traditional carpets and all its priceless complications.

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