Decorating ideas for black and white bedroom

In decorating the combination of black and white has always been a safe bet to create elegant and distinguished. The Ying and Yang of the colors, contrast personified. An attractive combination that has been used for centuries. Why not use these colors in the decor of our bedroom ?


A good idea, no doubt, to offer a harmonious balance in our stay. White walls that are offset by a main space (which may coincide with the headboard of the bed) fully black. black walls which are drawn small decorative elements with pure white. A game between the elements of the room, let’s try to have an all-white interior and introduce furniture of a jet black. We can even represent a black and white scenario in which introduce later a single color element, which no doubt will break balance giving a rather surprising result.


Obviously, if we play with these colors have to take into account the natural lighting of the room. And is that white is synonymous with the black light plunges us in utter darkness. So although not to overindulge or one or the other must be able to play in placement, know the places that have more light and counter them and vice versa.