Decorating Beach House

You are fortunate to have a beach house and are looking for some advice to furnish it? There are thousands of ideas from which to extrapolate the right spirit marine, many ideas from which to draw, so many complements and perfect accessories to enrich their home. That style is classic or contemporary does not matter, what matters is that the theme of the sea is absolutely predominant. And what is the color for excellence that is enveloping the salt water? The ‘blue!


According to various environments is possible to identify a style to decorate your home. The red and brown often tinged with the rustic country houses, the white ones ultra contemporary, orange tinged the walls of country houses. In short, every place has its own nuance chosen and the same also applies to the houses by the sea. We do not want to miss the creativity proposing something seen and reviewed it, think again, never optereste for something different, away from the real houses located in the seaside?

The blue base color of the sea, tinged waters reflecting the colors of the sky and the more crystalline and its white sands are much more clear. So let’s start from here, and we begin to think all ‘input. Furnish the entrance is often underestimated but in fact this space also needs some elements, such as a coat rack, a cabinet little one on which to store your things, such as keys when he comes home, and maybe even a mirror. You can buy pure white or possibly light or bleached wood or opt for the blue already. Continuing choose to delve into the living room and the sofas are here to lord it. The most suitable model is usually characterized by a minimal wooden beams and cushions covered in fabric with weft marina: coral, waves, shells, blue and white striped. The details in rough rope will add a special touch to your sofa. A low table, then, is less than ideal. Put in the center and on it placed inside a jar and pour the shells or starfish or even a model of a sailing ship.


The kitchen will be very simple and the shabby chic style will do just for you. To get more light and a fresh and clean environment strictly choose it completely white, or wood if you have chosen a more classic lacquered or for those who prefer the contemporary. For the dining room you should definitely find a nice table also possibly white and play with the alternation of chairs that can be painted blue. Also in this case, you can add decorative elements such as a tablecloth on the subject or plates designed in a marine style, such as those proposed by Villa d’Este.

Finally, there is the master bedroom, which also have to be very simple and sober, indeed, more naked is more you will be able to decorate it with wall paintings theme. Remember that a fundamental role is played by the windows, which should be large, broad and that you may want to place the curtains of blue and white, possibly filter so that the sea will never be covered.

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