Decorate your suitcase with fabric

If you’re tired of the color or design of your bag, but do not want to buy another, just to get the fabric that you like and get it to work and decorate your vintage suitcase . This will save a little and you can change your design as you please.


In addition, you can use the bag to decorate your room if you do not have space to store it.

Step by step to decorate old suitcases
The first step is to choose a nice fabric that matches the color of the central structure of the case, as it will continue watching. Iron the fabric in advance so that there are no wrinkles.


Materials needed to decorate your bag:
A paintbrush
Scissors or Cutter
A butter knife
Place the fabric face down to mark with a pencil where you have to cut. Leave a few extra millimeters to cut around the drawn line and place it over the suitcase to make sure it will fit.

Spread the glue with a brush on the side of the bag which you put the fabric. We will in sections to make it easier. Cover the area with fabric glue and spread it evenly over the first making sure to cover the corners well, and so continues to expand the fabric on the rest of the third suitcase.

Enter the fabric edges with butter knife and cut the excess fabric with scissors. You can also do both with a cutter, but you have to be more careful, I recommend the first option.

When you go to put the fabric in the corners, make two small V-shaped folds before putting it and repeat the process at each corner. Leave aside to dry before starting on the other for at least half an hour.

And you list your old travel suitcase decorated with fabric that you like! It is a fairly simple technique, but it gives you incredible results, and the good thing is that you can change whenever you want, you estrenarĂ¡s suitcase every few minutes!