Decorate the terrace in summer: Tips

The summer temperatures along with the good, do we spend much time in our  terrace  to be relaxed, arrange meetings with friends, meals, family dinners, etc.. We must make the most of the terrace during the months of summer to make it a dream place. In Plans and decoration we will give you some tips so you know how to decorate your terrace in summer.


The decoration of a deck depends on the style you want to achieve, the size of the space available and also the place in which it is oriented.We show various  styles of decoration outside that can inspire you to renew your deck .

best poolside terrace decorating ideas


Mediterranean style terrace :
This Mediterranean style terrace ideal for decorating homes on the coast, because it brings a fresh and natural look for summer.

Walls should be white to contrast with the blue color of textiles and other details. We may use wooden furniture in white and garnish with sofa seats in blue tones. Must place plants, pots and vases to decorate the space.

elegant poolside terrace decorating ideas

Terrace minimalist style:
A minimalist look is perfect for summer, as it is a style of decor simple but very modern and sophisticated.It is sufficient to use only transferable straight and simple lines and the use of light colors. To give a more elegant touch, you can put some detail in dark colors.


decorate terraceTerrace rustic style:
This style is used to decorate the country house in summer terraces for example. It’s great for the deck integrates perfectly with the landscape.Stand sturdy solid wood furniture with cushions and other dresses textiles in warm colors that can be combined with lighter tones to give more light to the place in the rustic style. It is important to pots, wild plants, vases, clay pots and other objects setting.


For this style you will need furniture typical of the 40s, such as wrought iron furniture or weathered wood. For color, choose textiles with floral prints, flower vases and other details of more aged appearance to recreate this style.

Small Terrace



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