Decorate Modern Dining Room

The decor of a modern dining room is really simple, the most difficult is the combination of furniture, light and of course the space we have, then we will explain  The furniture of the room: is the fundamental part of the decor, it have to place the TV set, other electronic equipment and the space to store all the accessories to carry out the food, the furniture is very modular, modules can be attaching it to each other in both vertical and horizontal directions and even combined or breast forms depending on the space we have.

The table and chairs:
They are as such modular allowing us to combine well with the main cabinet. They must be placed laterally to the main cabinet

The sofa:
Part of the set of furniture has to be placed in front of the main cabinet to facilitate watch TV, listen to music, read or just have a relaxing time.


The details:
The vases and pots of flowers can go perfectly natural preference above the main cabinet modules, in the same sense decorative objects. It is advisable to recharge with excess plants or objects that the aim is to give a feeling of spaciousness.

The colors are warm colors and very welcoming, the most used are off-white, black, gray, brown. they all combine well with green plants and flowers.

Areas dedicated to eating and living, it is clear that they are part of a set is thus the set of continuity

Here are some pictures of modern dining decor we want to help you decorate your dining room.