Creative LED lamps – a revolution in the world of designer

Creative LED seem to make a revolution in the world of designer hanging lamps. They have created this maybe because you sometime so underestimated as decoration and equipment item.

copernicus hanging lamp

But at some point one has noted, that the lighting is exactly what defines the character of a room. Where is the pairing of function and beautiful form of fundamental importance.

copernicus red hanging lamp


In the present case, the Futurism of also very present comes into play. At the same time it is history. How’s that? Yes, it drew inspiration from the Copernicus – the great futurists from a different era, when this term had not yet been invented. But even then there were people who were in the space on the search for new solutions and knowledge for the people.The light was dedicated to one, which we will present to you. Appreciate, whether she is worthy of him.

copernicus white hanging lamp

The light is made up of nine concentric rings. However, these are created from a single sheet of super-light aluminum. Within this total 384 LED lights were placed. They rotate freely on two different axes. Thus one has succeeded, bringing the broadcast in a certain direction. Still you could manage to make multiple spatial configurations.

hanging lamp in the living room copernicus

Carlotta de Bevilacqua is designer of Copernico. Their art is multidisciplinary and thus too much to explain. Because the creation of such a work cannot be realised without a deep and professional thinking into it in the context of the design and architecture. You can say that scientific precision is necessary for the success of such a project.This lamp also shows us now, how much is the claim to the designer of luminaires. Only experts who understand these as part of a seamless and an individual amendment to the architecture, can be detected successfully, and on an international level. So is the case also with Carlotta de Bevilacqua. Fascinating, or?

copernicus led pendant light  

hanging lamp in red 

hänheleuchte with led lighting

höngeleuchte copernicus

interesting kupernikus hanging lamp

led pendant light copernicus