Crafts made from tires: 5 original ideas

People decorate their dachas, make them comfortable and beautiful using scrap materials resulted in the unusual design solutions. Unique material to translate into reality the unusual ideas are unwanted tyres.

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Funny fakes from Shin liven up any corner cottage plot: an artificial pond, flower flowerbed, a children’s playground, and a garden path. In addition to the decorative features, tires can perform another and practical-pools, furniture, bike parking, swings, sandboxes.

Idea one: beds made of tires
The easiest way to take the old cover, fill her land and plant flowers. Of course, this can not be called an exclusive decoration. What could remedy the situation? Take oil or bright Acrylic colors, choose a few of the most harmonious in color and color your tires. Then put them on top of each other. Thus, you get tiered flower bed.


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You can make an unusual vertical flowerbed. To do this, you need to take several different diameter tires and put on top of each other in the form of a pyramid.

If you have not found small tires for the top, you can put a pot with flowers.
Once you fill the inner space of the resulting flower beds in it is possible to plant ampule plants, strawberries or petunias.

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Beds made of old tires can also be hinged. Take a sturdy metal chain, fasten it to the tyre and hang on the tree. That land is not absolutely worth of tires, bottom closing improvised material. For example, you can dock inside the tire planters with a slightly larger diameter than inner circle. You can also put inside a piece of dense rubber. Think over the idea, surely you have on a site there is a suitable material.

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Well, if you want to dream, you can do this from the tires track in the form of homemade tea. A pair of tires is ideal for the role of teacups and teapot. All you need to do is add simple details-bent metal strip kisočkami and trimming of tubes.

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Figures from tires certainly will make your garden more alive, add positive emotions you and your children.

The most popular is podelkoj Swan. For its manufacturing, you need tire without steel. In this case, it will be easier to cut. In advance, make markings on the bus. Cuts should be done only by a very sharp knife. To strengthen the “Swan neck” use an iron rod. The last thing Swan received appropriate paint colors.

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Very easily from unnecessary tires make fun Zebra, giraffe or a horse. To do this, dug a small wooden beams together with tire into the ground. Decorate and bright Workpiece need therefore, to pass the external characteristics of each animal.

Obsolete your tires life together with the old enameled basin can easily turn into a fabulous turtle or frog. Creative approach and sleight of hand will create fun and beautiful compositions.

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On your garden site will look quite original furniture made from tires. Moreover, it can be made in a different style using varying upholstery accessories (leather, fabric, wire rod, and so on).

Of tires you can also create a comfortable seating to relax in the garden. For this purpose you need to wrap the straps or ribbons of fabric that will simply be bound together. Such technology is no big deal. Practical method it is established that the Ottoman decoration of car tires will take a little more than an hour of time.

For the production of the country, furniture fits tires of virtually any size and diameter. Of course, choose not too solid concrete reinforcing fibers not delivered you trouble-cuts or scratches.

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Chairs, tables, stools, log holders, chandeliers, swings, planters, fountains and even washbasins are only a smaller part of what can make use of the tires.

What kind of childhood can be without swing? In the courtyard, on the playground, in the garden or home is a mandatory attribute, interesting and fun. A small corner for games you can equip both home and garden site. And not necessarily for this make excessive efforts and big money.

Swing out tires are considered to be less traumatic than their wooden and metal brethren, and of course safer.

It should be noted that skilled craftsmen with great pleasure and enthusiasm coming up with new useful items from the tires. Let’s start with the easy way. To do this you need to:

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Strong branch, preferably hanging down parallel to the ground.
The chain or rope.

At the end of the rope is necessary to make a loop. Double check that you have formed a very strong site. We loop through the Souk. The other end of the skip through the loop and delay. Tires for such swings are placed vertically. Rope skipping through the wheel and fix at around 90 cm above the ground.

In order to swing on the swing of the tires you need to climb inside and dangle the legs on the other side. It is considered the most simple design. Do not forget, you can not swing ride very young children. It can be traumatic. Adults and large children also experience is not recommended on the strength of such swings. Otherwise, make sure that the branch will withstand heavy weight.

On a garden site can be interesting beat track, having made out of old tires from cars or trucks. We recommend you better look for a second, to work with them, you will need less time. We will need for the track only protector.

It is quick and easy:

The first thing to decide, which will host track and pick up stuff.
Prepare the tire packing-sharp knife peel off the side of the tread. You have a peculiar ring.
Split ring across. You get ready to strip for the track.
In the same way to make as many strips as you need for laying trails for the garden.
Lay the tape length and nail their nails to the Board or a bar. Be sure to leave between ribbons of a small indent in the near future on this site to grow grass, which will prevent the tape offset.
The plot, on which you plan to pave the track need to moisten, thus, tires are stronger and faster skrepâtsâ.
Tires together with boards need the good push into the soil to track without bogs.

This track is ideal for the garden or cottage. Similarly, you can make a parking lot.

Retired from service tires are also a good material for track-ladders. You can link them on your own and on the functional purpose of the stairs. Its installation does not take a lot of time, and costs almost nothing. Old tires can take on any tire service or a hundred.

[Image: using braided furniture can be decorated cottage] creating a wicker furniture, you will be able to decorate your garden.Swing will make any garden or cottage. For detailed instructions on creating a garden swing here.

Planters as cockatoo, it is convenient to plant flowers and put them anywhere. The process of creating counterfeit consists of several stages:

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Do the markup on the bus. It is very important that the inner part of the ring of rubber was untouched, it will be suspended. For head cockatoo will only have 5-6 cm rubber.
The rest of the tyre tread line you want to cut a little further down the middle. For the tail leave the rubber flaps of different shapes. The edges you can crop or optionally make shorter. Thus, the forgery of more natural.
When all the pieces are cut and spaced, link those parts for which the cockatoo would be suspended.
In order to fake turned out bright and expressive, paint her variegated colors. Before you start, bright piece of rubber make eyes and nose, and glue them on the face and leave it on for a while to dry. Only then can the entire shape inked.
The inner part of the forgery in its original form, it will be covered with Earth. Covering obtained figure varnish, you save brightness hue for a long time.

Creating original forgery of the buses with their hands for a garden site, do not forget that rubber can easily be exposed to water and Sun, singling out toxic substances in the atmosphere and soil. Therefore, it is not necessary to do the garden from the tires. Use them to enhance the functionality of the site and the décor.