Cozy fashion terrace – garden furniture and accessories at a glance

Whether relaxing in the open air after the long day’s work, as a retreat for the family, as a place for sunbathing on the weekend or maybe as a small party island in the garden – the multi-functional terrace extends the living area to outside. Here, the right equipment plays a crucial role for the well-being. Who wants to shape its terrace cosily must choose the suitable garden furniture and accessories.

garden cozy terrace metal sunbeds parasol

The terrace has a southern bias, it is the perfect place for sunbathing. The lounge area can, but not necessarily must be at the House. In the best case is a pool right next to it, or a garden pond, a garden shower or indoor water fountain can offer refreshing cool off in the hot summer days.
Modern lounge furniture – an island of the Sun or a sun lounger – guarantee the highest comfort and promise pleasant hours in the open air. When choosing the equipment, especially the material plays a decisive role – rattan furniture easily withstand the Sun and rain and can remain so out there in the winter.

Garden cozy dining area make Outdoors

The terrace is located next to the House with the shortest way to the kitchen, it offers optimal conditions for the design of an outdoor food court. Two garden benches made of wood and a long dining table make the perfect space-saving seating group – there can get the family together and spend the weekend at the barbecue. Speaking of grilling – so avoid trouble with neighbors, the device must be selected carefully. If the patio has a minimum distance of 10-15 meters to the property of neighbors, then can be invested in a charcoal grill. A gas Grill is, however, recommended for terraced houses or small gardens in densely populated area. Relevant guides such as and have compiled what in addition at the grill selection make sure is.

garden cozy dining Grill free zone

A pavilion in the garden offers many advantages – it provides shade, shields from prying eyes and offers weather protection for the family celebration. The open design protects against UV radiation and is a good alternative to the usual sun protection with awnings or parasols for families with small children. The closed variant is ideal for organizing garden parties – so nothing in the way is the secluded evenings even in bad weather with friends.

garden cozy garden bench metal

Hobby gardener often can see their dream garden alone – for this reason, small terrace is applied mostly in a corner, where you can relax with a book. A garden bench with rose arch forms a charming seating area and is harmoniously integrated into the garden – that’s why it is considered perfect addition to the romantic outdoor seating area.

Garden cozy gazebo make sunscreen

garden cozy sunbeds furniture Rattan

garden cozy sunshade table solid wood

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