Cow hide stool – an extravagant Interior proposal for your At home

Maybe you need a functional furniture as the stool in your home. The original function of the stool is to secure an additional comfort for the feet while sitting. Today, the stool fulfil a different role. One used as a seat or as a decorative element. So, you not only; complement the Interior, because they are the perfect interior design decision in a smaller apartment. There is not enough space for larger pieces of furniture, just where the stools are very practical and functional.

bedroom design with stool from kuhfell1

The market offers a variety of stool designs, including stool with different kind of fur padding these days. Stool, covered with Hasen-, lamb and… Cowhide, are modern and functional. Today we To give you an extravagant proposal for your interior – it is about cow hide stool!

bar stool from cowhide white black

Through this you can make a special impression, because they are Not much often meet in the interior design. If you are aiming for a unique and attractive look in the apartment so this is a great decision! Also turns out with the time that the cowhide is lasting and easy to maintain!

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impressive stool from cowhide

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stool legs with three