Convertible sofas: an extra bed if necessary

They are ideal when space at home is not generous but can have an unexpected guest, or if you live in a studio apartment. The convertible sofa resolve the need for an extra bed, but can also be used as the main bedroom area when day and night are the same.Thanks to modern technology used by manufacturers, in fact, the sofas have nothing to envy to the traditional ones, while the mattresses used guarantee the same comfort of those beds.


The model of sofa converts into a bed of Pashà Ditre Italy has the base frame in polished steel, the seat cushions in polyurethane foam and those back in polyester fiber. For the coating, you can choose between tissues or faux leather, both fully removable.

L ‘opening of the sofa is made ​​by means of a tilting mechanism of the backrest which allows to leave the seat cushions and backrest on the network without these come into contact with the floor and becoming dirty. Sympathetic the floor of the bed with mesh seat and cross straps that guarantees resistance and comfort during rest. The spring mattress is 14 cm thick.
How to choose
To choose a sofa should first consider the frequency of use. If replacing the bed and is then used daily, it should prefer models with mechanisms for opening and closing practical and simple.


And ‘well then opt for a mattress and a support brace comfortable. There are also models of sofa beds especially practical for ch have space problems, which include storage compartments to store sheets and blankets during the day.

Attention to detail tailoring and workmanship for the sofa bed convertible Zeus, proposed by Divanidea. It has a wooden frame and polyurethane foam in different densities. The armrest cushions are made of soft foam. The coating is feasible for this model only in removable fabric. The sofa Zeus has a very comfortable bed with mattress and box spring mesh.
The dimensions
Network is usually the sofa beds have standard dimensions, while the measures may vary outside of the couch, determined only by the structure, the armrests and backrests. The network of a sofa bed usually has a length that varies between 190 and 200 cm. The width is 80-90 cm for single models; 120 cm if a square and a half, to 140 cm in the models to the French and 160 cm for sofa beds.

The latest proposal from the collection of the convertible Berto Salotti is a sofa bed Beautiful There, that turns to night with a simple gesture in a comfortable double bed. Made by hand with great care, is available in three sizes (two-seater, two-seater maxi or three seats), but may also be required to measure, to meet different needs. Many coatings available, including fabrics, leather, faux leather, soft padding, minimal design, which allows you to place it in different environments.

The transformation from sofa bed is made through a simple sliding movement front. The back and seat cushions of the sofa bed are anchored to the structure of practical storage and conceal where you can store your pillows during the day.

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