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Rio is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. This is also reflected in its architecture. From there, this trend is spreading in Brazil. That’s why it always draws us back then to imagine modern architecture of this country.

architecture modern houses

Today, it is a stunning, beautiful and very interesting example.The house where we will show you today, lives a Danish-Spanish couple. This probably just make for a multicultural background here. They observed the structure of the typical architecture of the rich district (Condominhos) and could not understand why you stick again and again to the vertical orientation.

deck chairs at the pool


Their opinion, take complement the surroundings of homes here on far too little of the natural environment. As a parent of four children, she tried to avoid the disadvantage. Your house should ideally enroll in the environment and provide the enjoyment of it.The house in which they live was already built. However, they have turned to the architect André Piva. He should change the house for their style and performance. We find the result awesome! Want to know more about it too?

large courtyard with swimming pool

The renovation was completed in two stages. First you have to convert the kitchen and the stairs. Thus, it provided a stable core and a good connection between the two levels of the building.The second part of the conversion was somewhat more complicated. This was completed four years ago. He closed the improving of the living room, which now looked like a glazed box.

modern architecture ausenküche and grill

It has the right slope designed such that there are no bends or breaks. Inspiration for this idea has drawn from the elegant Pavilion in Barcelona, ​​de Mies van der Rohe. Everything was much more friendly, welcoming, enjoyable by the transparency. Integrating also has a barbecue and pizza oven. Also a swimming pool for everyday use is here.

modern architecture houses with courtyard

Moreover, it has also invested in the landscape design. Thus, it has attracted native birds and approached more to the beauty of nature. All this develops at the feet of Christ! So a blessed pleasure, is not it !?

bathroom with bathtub

Häser modern architecture

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modern architecture houses

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