Comfortable design with metal seats in the garden furniture

No matter Whether large or small, the garden is the personal oasis of peace, where you can relax and recharge your batteries for every day. Who has beautifully designed his garden, needs is a beautiful THEREFORE seating, where one can enjoy his individual from summer paradise. For dinner, we show Kaffeeklatch or relax, today a few ideas how functional and comfortable to make the seats in the garden.

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An important point When choosing a seat in the garden is the compass direction. Who wants to enjoy the Sun at noon and in the evening, find a place in a southwesterly direction . A terrace is perfect for sun-worshipers, who like outdoor breakfast on the East. HOWEVER, a small, slightly shaded corner is suitable for a quiet reading room. When searching for the perfect place for your seat, you must clarify Following questions: how many people are sitting there? and how will you use the space? Several seats in the garden would be ideal for optimal freedom. With the Following tips and the versatility of garden furniture to make practical and comfortable and a small terrace.

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Good seats in the garden fit not only harmoniously in the garden, but are THEREFORE the perfect fusion of functions on and aesthetics. Whether you are planning a classic paved terrace with dining table and chairs for the whole family or a quiet retreat to read or relax, the selection of garden furniture plays a particularly important role. The maintenance effort is different DEPENDING on the material and some materials are more demanding than others. If you want to avoid the intense care and cleaning, then set on sturdy and weather-resistant outdoor furniture metal. The metal garden furniture from Lazy Susan for example are made of aluminum and have the advantage that they never rust and require no special care. Aluminum garden furniture are THEREFORE very easy, convenient to transport and convince with an elegant look.

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The garden table is on the terrace mostly in the center, but not every table fits on any patio. Fortunately, Garden tables in a large shapes and size variety are available today. In addition to the classical rectangular shape are oval or round outdoor tables available did are better suited for a small garden. A round table is in principle more communicative and overall more harmonious and Several people can sit on him.

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A pull-out table Combines flexibility with Particular resistance. A simple mechanism, the small table, a large table for 8 people for the garden party can be Transformed into the evening! Prior to the acquisition of seeking a table, you check how much total space is available on the terrace.

Umbrellas are at optimal shading solution just for balconies, terraces and seating in the garden. If you have limited space outdoor available, can opt for this space-saving alternative. The table umbrella Provides ample shade, Provides enough clearance under the table and Enables barrier-free use. The garden table has a hole the Conventional umbrellas in the construction can be integrated. A matching parasol base metal can Ensure the safety and stability of the parasol thanks to its high weight.

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The Garden Bench in combination with a chair and side table is the new favorite place in the garden, where it can wonderfully sit, laugh, read or just chill. It can replace the expensive lounge sofa with a soft pad and matching pillow. Metal benches a Certain nostalgic flair and is so timeless Usually that they are THEREFORE used as decorative objects.

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If you need space for guests and family, then even a small table for two is enough. Today the French bistro-style reflects very modern and can be used very well in your own garden. A bistro set includes a table and two chairs Usually and is perfect for on idyllic tea party in the middle of nature.

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The console table made of aluminum, Which suitable food and drink are perfect as the footprint of food, books, is a versatile piece of garden furniture. The BBQ season is over, you can arrange your so beautiful autumn or winter decorations on it!

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White surfaces do not fit in the garden? Total wrong! On, we have discovered many great examples of white garden furniture, have Convinced us of the opposite. Thanks to the high resistance of aluminum remain crisp white furniture and are even after years not turn yellow or turn grayish. You simply remove coarse dirt and stains with a wet cotton cloth and some washing-up liquid. White garden furniture and a few Mediterranean decorations, you can bring a summer and southern flair on the terrace!

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