Color and light in your home

You must not forget your home flood light for it to look more lightweight and open. When you do not have great galleries of windows, radiant panels help in this regard, and they can incorporate into indirect LED lights that will give your home a warm feeling i amplitude unimaginable.Light is an essential element to life , warmth and make your home a truly welcoming place . Also, can form a perfect marriage with the colors , complementing both to illuminate and expand each of the rooms.

lighting in home
During the day, natural light is best and the warmest it exists, but when it is gone it is important to continue to have the feeling of comfort provided by radiant decorative indirect lighting also provide a sense amplitude.
The painting and the color is what you can help convey the desired brightness. Light colors like raw, cakes or beige. help create more visual depth.
Something else to keep in mind is what kind of light receiving environment . Because often the same color appears completely different with natural or artificial light.
Also even sunlight changes during the day. The light from the
tomorrow is more bluish. At noon becomes lemon yellow, and is
deep golden at sunset.
Artificial lighting is something similar happens. The incandescent bulbs tend to give golden highlights to certain colors and neutralize others. LED light, in contrast, tends to flatten all.
Do not forget to create small numbered contrasts with darker elements, such as curtains or blinds: help create more visual depth.


The natural light, featuring the sun , is the most you should take advantage of, because you will get save energy and act as balm if you’re a people prone to depression . Must be the light of your home and your life . To ” use ” in your favor , take note of these considerations :
· The windows are doors in natural light . Do not interrupt your step with objects. For example , if you put furniture under windows , try to be low profile , or obstruct with oversized pots outside.
· In the same way , do not place furniture in the light path .
· A window centered on the room expands and distributes light more efficiently and evenly.
· Use curtains of light fabrics , clear and / or transparent, excess light leaked in addition to protecting our privacy.
· The colors are the allies of light. Use the light and fluffy to make the sun’s rays are reflected and spread around the room.
· Expand the light and gives depth to the rooms with mirrors strategically placed .
Of course, if your home is inside, sunlight will go by ” ignoring ” your rooms. But if there are times during the day when the rays visit any nook of your house , invite them to spend .

Save space with colors
As for the colors , use its various hues to fool the senses and make your house gets bigger as if by magic .
You should know that the main “white” of your walls , furniture and accessories has to be clear, neutral and / or sandy , to simulate and exploit the freedom provided by the sun, sea or land. Besides providing a breadth effect to your rooms , the color makes the light bounce and expand.
On the other hand , use lighter colors on the side walls of the rooms, and darker in others.
The play of colors should be harmonious , without harsh contrasts, to standardize the room and provide pleasure to the eye.
Despite being primordial light and soft colors , to cause an expansion effect , do not forget to accommodate warm in their ranges more neutral and light to implement closeness and warmth to the home.


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