Clever Ideas for Decorating Walls

No matter if it’s your bedroom, living room or bathroom, the walls are one of the most important elements in any decor, so why stick to the classics? Try something new, I have for you 5 original ideas to decorate walls.

Many times, to decorate white walls , looking for something new and many people choose simply by choosing a new paint color but that’s the best that can be done on a wall? Why not try something more clever? Sure some my ideas 5 ideas to decorate the walls match the style you want.


Decorate the walls
Mural Neo style
Yes, the paint is fine, but why not try something new with her? Here I show you some easy to make murals with which you can decorate the walls and give you a fabulous image to the room. Do not hold back, you can make sure these murals in the style of Neo. Many people are scared just hearing the word wall, but believe that this example is very simple and looks very beautiful when done.

If the figurative mural is not your thing, try one style of Jackson Pollock. With different colored paint splatters the wall with one color over another and be sure to cover the entire wall with colored spots. Will generate your own work of abstract expressionism. Just do not forget to cover the floor and walls to protect them from splashes.

Bright walls
Why not try to brighten your wall? Try this simple but original idea to decorate walls. Just put a cloth on your wall and put sequins on it, and look how great it is. Besides being a novel idea and invention, this technique will help to give a more spacious look to any room.

Indoor Landscape
If you are a fan of open spaces, create one indoor test! Try placing decorate the walls of a landscape image on vinyl and it sticks to the wall, complete with decorations and some plants near voila! You have your own landscape indoors, very original, right?

Texture on the walls
How about decorating the walls with textures ? Try it, you have a carpet on the wall to give it texture. You see what fun is. If you try this idea, I suggest you do it in a spacious room, because the texture could create the illusion of a smaller setting.

Which of these 5 clever ideas for decorating walls is the one you liked? ?’ll Apply some on your wall? Tell us what! If you are not sure what to implement in your room, you might help to know how to combine colors for interior decorating .