Cleaning Tips with shaving cream

Sometimes it happens, we do not know how to clean something and ended up discovering that the most appropriate tool for doing so was that the least we thought. Here are some tips for cleaning with shaving cream , an element that surely had not thought he could help you in your everyday life.

You know that shaving cream is extremely useful for removing unwanted hair. But it also has other great uses that will help keep your house cleaner. Watch these amazing uses for application in household cleaning.


Tips for cleaning with shaving cream
Cleaning the bathroom mirror
Some cleaning products can be hazardous to traditional health, especially in the bathroom, where humidity makes everything from spreading in places not imagine. So how clean the bathroom mirror in a safe? Put some shaving cream on a paper towel and hand in the mirror, you’ll see the stains disappear. Not only will your mirror bright, but also help it disappear fungi caused by moisture!

Remove water spots on faucets
Did you thought that after cleaning the kitchen faucets and bathroom stains are caused by water? Guess how you can remove them. Yes! Put some shaving cream on a sponge and clean the taps with it, water spots will disappear and your taps clean and shiny.

Metals shine
Have ornaments of bronze or some other metal and lost their characteristic brightness? Here the solution with a brush (you can use an old toothbrush) illustrates these ornaments and also your jewelry to extract that beautiful glow that makes them look.

Clean your hands
Sometimes we spend, we get our hands dirty and we have nothing close to cleanse. Well, you might want to bring shaving cream in your purse, your hands not only clean, but also removes the dirt under your nails. With a little shaving cream in the palm of your hand and clean both.

Eliminates squeaking of the door
If you have a door that will not stop ringing when opening and closing, you can put shaving cream on hinges and will stop.

Take the carpet stains
Have you spotted your carpet? Try to put some shaving cream on the stain with a towel and make small circles to remove it, so you can clean your carpet .