Christmas Tree Design wall

The ‘Christmas tree wall is an excellent solution for those who have a house and tiny little space to be allocated to one of the most beautiful decorations of the year. Who’s got the know, the Christmas tree is so beautiful but also very cumbersome. Those who have little space available may also do so? Of course you do, just a little ingenuity ‘with colors, decorations and stickers. For this, in our photo gallery we have compiled for you the trees of Christmas wall more beautiful, special and chic that you can make in your home. Seeing is believing!

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a decoration to do all together as a family, unites everyone, from the greatest to children. The atmosphere that is created around it is spectacular and it is a shame to give it up. Unfortunately many people have a tiny house and it’s already difficult to get us into the decor. Add something ‘too much’ is absolutely prohibitive. But if we told you that we have the solution for you? If we told you that it exists and, if desired, it is also inexpensive? You can make in your home during the holiday season Christmas tree wall, just a few ideas and a little ‘ingenuity.

If you do not want to ruin your walls and especially you’re not very good at drawing and creating something with your own hands, you can go to a store to buy some stickers Christmas. Stickers are sold in the form of a tree of different sizes, such as those you can see in our photo gallery. You can purchase a simple and minimal, you can have fun with something multicolor, you can even create a tree using round stickers, which will apply creating a high triangle, or stickers with slogans, maybe just for Christmas as Merry Christmas, Noel, Santa Claus …
Another way to make a Christmas tree wall is to paint the wall itself.


How? Maybe with a piece of chalk or simply with a pencil! It’s easier than you think because the shape of the tree is not very complex. There seems too little? Then attach some decoration on the wall, as if you wanted to simulate the Christmas balls. You can put photos or maybe some circles of colored felt to give a little ‘of panache to the environment.

With wooden boards or plywood can be amused to realize a DIY tree and apply ourselves some decoration made ​​with paper, and once completed you can hang on the wall like a painting. Do you like the lights? After all, at Christmas, who does not like? Made with a pencil drawing of your tree and then place a micro battery of lights along the lines drawn. You will in a tree house bright and absolutely alternative.

Christmas Tree Design Wall

Christmas Tree Skirt

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Decorated Christmas Tree Wall Sticker

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