christmas decorating a small room

When it comes time to decorate your room for the Christmas season arrives becomes an adventure, from choosing colors and accessories that you will use as well as the issue with who want to customize the home decor.
Remember that if you ornaments from previous years you can recycle them and give them a new life by changing their color, decorating them with bright accessories with ties and so you can change the tones in your decor without investing much money on them.
First of all, you must consider to decorate your home should seek a balance in all your decor from the front entrance, living room and even the stairs.


You talked about the colors this year and their combinations, the colors you choose should reflect your personality and also the Christmas spirit you want to convey.

Avoid excesses do not have to refresh your living room with much decoration, often with few objects can do great things. While the idea is to organize the location thereof, so that they can be appreciated each.Underneath the Christmas tree you can put empty boxes to enhance your decor and smaller boxes can line them and include them as ornaments on the tree.


Candles and flowers are also accessories that can give enhancement to your decor, use the tones you chose for your spaces and locate them as a centerpiece in your living room or on a shelf you have decorated.

The colorful ornaments are also elements that you can use as decoration on your tables, combining them with garlands or other materials.A nice activity you can do as a family at this time is to make your own Christmas accessories and place them in a special place that means a lot to you.