casual style colorful house

Are you looking for inspiration to give your home a colorful casual? Inside that I present today is going to offer lots of ideas for your home, I assure you. This detached cottage is full of originality, innovation and, above all, color.
Every corner of the house emits good vibes through the strokes of pastel colors and fluorescent colors are everywhere. Much of this style as informal due to the profession of the former owners, two brothers artists. The house was his study. Now one of them living there, and he and his family have retained the style “art” that reigned in the house.

The author tells us that at first the idea was just to create a space in which to live with his family, and that the casual style and full of color that permeates throughout the house came later, as were adapted home. The interior was adapted and him were mixing practical ideas that made ‚Äč‚Äčthem happy.
Here is one of the secrets to getting this style: Use elements that provoke feelings and positive mood. If we combine stylish touches achieve informal house where we will be always happy. With a house like every day we feel good coming home after hard days work. Coming home will be a joy balm.

A secret we have repeated many times on I-Decoration when we talked about introducing colors inside the home is to choose a neutral background color. The base of a colorful house should always be clear. In this case white is the color that has been chosen, no doubt the best color to get.
On this basis the colors radiating vitality home stand without actually cause a feeling of heaviness. Also they make the white queen in the house not convey coldness. The combination of white base and bright colors of many of the additions to the house are the main success in this home.

Inspirations in any of the spaces in this house because in each of its corners find practical ideas for your home. Through these pictures you can learn to use those personal items that are special to you and help you make your house a lively and evocative in which you feel in paradise.