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These log cabins are ideal for playing indoors. They are not too big, so it will fit in any corner. They are designed for children from 1 year so that the most little ones can create their own little world to play, hide, bring your friends …None of these houses need tools and mounted in just 15 minutes. They are designed by Nacho Cotanda for Spanish company Green House .The 4 house models are beautiful (Bonsai, Pepa, Altea and Tondo), I especially liked that they give you the option to choose the colors of the house, and can be paid in 6 months without interest.

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Medieval castles were fortified homes of wealthy citizens, who used them to ward off invaders. According Kidipede, the Tower of London is an example of a castle. The castles have thick walls and small crevices as protective screens to prevent intruders . The central tower was called the fort and surrounding water-filled moat around the castle. To enter it, the Knights were down drawbridge spanning the moat. To learn more about these structures, built a medieval castle for children in your home.
Cutting the top flaps of the opening of the carton. Any cardboard box will work for this project. An adult should use a craft knife to cut the cardboard. Make sure the bottom flaps are stuck, or remove them.Cut a rectangle width of the top of one of the longer sides. Repeat on the other long side. This will give rise to four towers or turrets at each corner.

Cut rectangular battlements, which are rectangular designs you find on the top of the castle walls. Cutting a vertical rectangle each two inches (5 cm) from the top of the carton. This beam across the top of the box.Draws a “U” turned on the front base of the box at the base of one of the long sides of the box. This will form the drawbridge. Cut the drawbridge and place it on the floor right in front of where you cut.
Measure the length of the top of the drawbridge cut up the drawbridge. Cut two strings of this measure. Tape one end of the string on one side of the bridge and then glue the other end to the top of the opening where cut the bridge. Striking the other string in the same way on the other side.Paint the outside of the castle with brushes and paint.The advantage of making your own toys is that the design is entirely in your own hands and can make the model as outlandish as it may occur.Make toys of wood and later models is surprisingly easy too. You only need a few tools and basic equipment.


Balsa Sheets
Balsa Cement
size setting or linoleum cutting set

Paper castle design. Decide each function, if you want to have turrets or a lot of towers and how many doors and windows of the buildings are intended to have. Despite Hollywood depictions, the European medieval castles had very simple designs. They were usually just a tall square or rectangular, with surrounding walls. The complexity of the design, however, is limited only by your imagination and you can opt for the simplest design or crazy as you want. The only difference is the time spent making it.

Draw each component of the castle in balsa wood. One wall of the castle is considered a component and an adjacent wall would be another. For turrets, it is not necessary to remove each individual turret but a whole line of towers. Balsa is an excellent choice for making models, as it is strong and light. Draw each part of the castle in the balsa wood board.

Cut out the pictures of the castle. Use a hand saw or power to do this puzzle. Be careful to follow the lines of the wood exactly what is not unnecessarily cut large pieces of the castle.

Paint and decorate each model part. You may want to paint the walls of the castle in a shade of gray and green to add an effect of ivy. Carve the wood surface to accentuate the bricks or cracks in the wall. Linoleum cutting knives work well for this, as it can easily cut shallow lines on wood surfaces.
Fit the model with Balsa cement. Not necessary to use a large amount of glue as balsa this is light and stick to even small amounts of glue.


Castle of wood to play

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