Carpet in Pink – a beautiful color for the floor!

The design of an apartment includes some basic elements of the room – the walls, ceiling and floor. All three are in the sync and harmony are designed so that there is a nice atmosphere in each room. When you think of the ground, you have so many variations to the design – tile, hardwood floors, carpet, or a combination of two ways. The colors, in addition to the material and design are of great importance in the selection – and they are plentiful! So, everything depends upon your personal taste.

beautiful carpet in pink color idea

We have displayed earlier some beautiful examples of a carpet in green color. Now we go on, but this time with a carpet of pink. Although Pink is associated as a sweet color for a girl’s room, a carpet of pink in every room can be adjusted. The nuances are varied and you can with the bright tones both give a delicate and romantic atmosphere, create as a modern and trendy look with bright tones. Look at below the pictures for inspiration!

beautiful carpet in pink color

beautiful carpet in pink

Carpet Color Pink

Carpet in pink color idea

Carpet in pink color in the bedroom

Carpet in pink girls room

Carpet in Pink Ideas

cool carpet in pink color

elegant carpet in pink color

interesting carpet in pink color

Living room design with pink carpet

Maid's room with pink carpet

modern bedroom with pink carpet

Modern Interior Design pink carpet 600x330

Modern Interior Design pink carpet

Pink carpet in the bedroom

pink carpet maid's room idea

Round Rug in Pink Color

round rugs in Pink

striped pink carpet Ideas

Teppich.vielen pink colors

wonderful carpet in pink color