Butterflies tinker – we help with 50 ideas here!

Summer is almost over, here, but we need more our sunny mood! Let’s make some butterflies, So They fly around the house and garden. Children love to make butterflies. The little ones can build not so complicated, but we help the parents or teachers get incredibly beautiful products. Here will find a hundred ideas for butterflies to crafting!

Butterflies tinker from spoons

Our DIY tips to help you and your children create beautiful butterflies. And the proposals are quite easy to make. If you fold butterflies, use different colors of paper to make colorful butterflies. If you select two or more colors for a butterfly, this results in a unique and natural. I personally like this creative idea. You can hang the butterflies from paper as if they were flying. Or you bind them together into a garland. This decoration is nice in the room or for a party.

Butterflies tinker for hair


Make butterflies with children is so funny! Here is a simple guide!

You need colorful pieces of paper (15x15cm) and a short colored cord!
Fold the piece of paper in the middle of the triangle.
Start in the zigzag to make 1 cm-long folds. Each is helped off the other.
If you have folded as two pieces, tie with a cord, so that they form a butterfly.

Butterflies tinker as earrings

We explore yet beautiful craft ideas in the form of the butterfly! Have fun!

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