Build a simple desk – 17 almost DIY ideas

So a desk can be a costly thing. Especially if you are looking for a large work desk, on Which you can really spread out and work well, we must lay mostly somewhat more money. But not if you build it all over yourself. But how can I build myself a desk without having much or even do not know anything about the crafts?

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You will be amazed how fast and easy you can build a desk, by taking our the Following ideas as a template. Use existing pieces of furniture and accessories, or buy Those cheap and put together your own desk.

You can build a desk, you need no complicated instructions and special materials. Just use two support brackets and to any table top as shown in this example. In this case, even a plate Which made of concrete. Like, you can get as a finished concrete slab or a tabletop made of stone, wood or other material. The goats can carry the weight!


build desk glass top white buck wood worktop

You will receive thesis brackets at IKEA. They call Themselves Finnvard and have practical work surfaces, on Which you can store books or a printer. If you build a desk, you can use as a simple slab of wood and put them on the stand. The wood you can buy in any color in turn paint and customize your interior.

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Need more storage space, simply use thesis cabinets did come from IKEA as well. They also Provide a stable support for the desk work surface. Of course, other types of cabinets are suitable. It is only important that they have a suitable height so did you can work at so comfortable.

This cool desk is composed of Several inventive elements. For one, a St├╝ptzbock and a giant letter metal serve as legs. An old door as a tabletop in turn. If you are searching for suitable materials, you are browsing the basement or attic look. Maybe something can be there found, with Which you can build your own desk.

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At your desk two people have space can or it is just very big, you can use three support brackets to make the table in this way in the length. Have no all wooden plate in Desired length, two connect if you build the desk. As a precaution, the plate can be screwed on the goats.

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So this idea in minzgr├╝ner color is very original. An original and beautiful desk Quickly Arises when you finish use books as Tischbei. The trick here is to get the same height as for the other leg of the table. It may be you did need to replace some books before the trestle and the book stacks are equal. But in any case, will have fun when you finish build this desk and can be very proud Eventually.

Desk build door wood bock dopppelschreibtisch regal switch

Very elegant, a countertop made of glass for the desktop works naturally. You can use Easily thesis instead of a wooden or metal plate if you build the desk. Just put them on the chosen type of legs. We do not recommend the variant with the books here, except Because They fix the books well. It is important that the Glsplatte is stable. The desk is falling apart: once, the glass can cater for serious injury.

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You can make your desk rustic or vintage-style, by using an old goat made of solid wood. A countertop made of old wood is the homemade desk then the finishing touches. After you build this kind of desk, you can combine it with a modern Chair and Appropriate decorations.

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This desk is similar to the top in his style. It consists of recycled wood Entirely, HOWEVER, brings space for two persons. Useful for additional storage space is THEREFORE the shelf behind the desk. It not only decorations but as folders and folder can be accommodated. So you can drag it into consideration When installing the desktop.

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