Build a conservatory: our advice

Today, the reasons for succumbing to the veranda are not lacking: it installs the kitchen, living room or even a bedroom … And we took the opportunity throughout the year. How to choose it?

Build a conservatory

Significant progress in terms of insulation, heating, ventilation and materials have led to a complete renewal of the offer. Now everything is done to make you live in the conservatory comfortably.

What is the right location?
The location of a conservatory should be reflected depending on the purpose for which it is intended, but also the sun, the aim being to make the most of solar gain, while avoiding summer overheating. Difficult to solve renovation, less than fully review the distribution of parts and openings of the existing, and therefore to undertake important work equation. The location is most often impose itself. You should be aware that:
North, your conservatory will receive little direct sunlight, but it will protect the existing building. If you want to live there all year round, the room will often cold. This provision, however, is appropriate if you want to turn it into an artist’s studio: the light will be substantially uniform throughout the day.
To the east, it will have the morning sun and is shaded in the afternoon, an interesting feature if you live in hot areas.
To the west, the sun is very active in the afternoon, and the heat gain is maximum in the late afternoon.
In the south, it will capture all the sunlight. An ideal location if you live in the North. But sunscreens are mandatory because the temperature may be quickly stifling it.


What to choose? The best solutions are often compromises. Hear southeast in warmer regions and south-west to the north of the Loire.
What are good materials?

Aluminum holds the rope, far ahead of wood, steel or PVC. Lightweight and durable, it offers fine sections and supports the weight of large glazing. But the wood is a good choice. Pre material make its maintenance and less onerous, as part of a renovation, the warm and traditional side of the wood often won the support. Side walls, double glazed window to reinforced insulation is required. This ensures optimal brightness and minimal losses in winter. The “all windows” upscale, is systematically acclaimed and today, many are partially glazed verandas to reconcile thermal comfort and brightness. Sandwich panels and elements opaque cover does not interfere with the aesthetics.

How to prevent overheating?
The advantage of conservatory: it is a sun trap. It is also its disadvantage. Insoluble paradox, it seems, yet the solutions to maintain a comfortable temperature exist.
Outside the protections Motorizable type shutters or blinds, are a priori the most effective (in addition, this occultation can be facilitated by automation and the use of appropriate sensors). Disadvantage: they can not equip as rectangular surfaces. The awning is a good solution for large surfaces. Not recommended in windy areas, however, less than equip him as an automation that will trigger the closure in case of bad weather conditions.
Inside, the kingdom of blinds that can fit vertical walls and roof. They are easy to install, but a controlled ventilation is essential that the heat does not accumulate between painting and glazing.