Bio set up gardens on their own terrace

The safest way to dispose of food of quality is to produce these themselves. This is not necessarily a lot of space for this purpose. A garden and country house would be perfect. But actually a small terrace is sufficient sometimes completely, a small organic garden to plant and maintain them then.

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The prerequisites for an organic garden

The successful maintenance of an organic garden patio would have to meet some requirements. Look at our checklist and find out whether your patio for this purpose is appropriate.


Sun terrace, which is well protected against the harsh outdoor conditions

On a terrace on which you want to maintain an organic garden, it should be not too windy. Also, it should consider strongly never. In addition, there should be enough sunlight. The Sun there should appear at least 5, but preferably 6 hours a day. The best results occur on terraces facing South.

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Flower pots with the appropriate dimensions and with very good drainage

For an organic garden on the terrace you should also have the right flower pots and containers. You would have to provide enough space so that the roots of plants develop well. The flower pots should have also at least four holes. This allows sufficient drainage. You could make the holes using a drill.

Special Earth and matching natural fertilizers

You need special soil. You should buy this for the organic garden. On the one hand can she with contain no pests. Fertilizing should be done with natural remedies. There are a number of such. The peat and coir fiber find widespread use. These are to buy in specialized shops.

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The seeds for the organic garden need to be purchased of course from an organic farm or an organic business. Best also varieties should be typical of the region in which you live. Thus making a positive contribution to the insects and wildlife.

Regularly pour solar water

For this purpose, fill as many bottles with water and leave them in the Sun. Thus, many noxious substances will disappear, which may be contained in water. Chlorine would dissolve as quickly in the air.

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What is the best in the organic garden?

Focus on the right plants, you can maintain in an organic garden on the terrace. Are many types of small growing vegetables and spices. Salads and other leaf varieties are also very fitting.

More useful tips for your organic garden on the terrace

Everything starts up with the right attitude. You should have a lot of patience in the first place. As you are just using no artificial fertilizers, everything will take slightly longer than average.

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In early spring, or at the latest in the middle of this season the plants would have to be used. Then, it is in addition to the maintenance also on the observation. If some plants develop well and others do not, then the first just in place have been planted a possibly, others just don’t.

In the first few weeks, the vegetable needs care very much. But everything almost by themselves will develop then after a certain period. Be patient and everything will pay off!

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At the end of the season

An important moment for your organic garden care represents the end of the season. As soon as no vegetables from the roots, the soil and the plants themselves by the container should be taken out. Most of these plants are annual. It is almost 100% sure that you are already full of pests.

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