Best Rollicking bath mats which bring nature home

Certainly is one of the most beautiful sensation on the fingers, the Green, fresh grass. It’s so good, if you can feel this between your toes. Probably also the designer Nguyen-la double was inspired by this experience to his unique work.

Bath Mats rollicking modele

More proof that love integrating nature into the Interior in contemporary house design. But what we today To want show you, is downright funky. Because nature in this case not having on the walls or positioned between the accessories on the shelves. Rather, it lies at our feet. Because these are Very much important for our well-being. But you neglected them All the time. Especially when you can feel the nature for them is as well, you can see how important they are to our well-being.

Bath Mats to fit bath towel

As a surprisingly healthy, fresh and nice experience you need In the morning, not To find you? It has sought a material for this project, Which one does not disintegrates. It was planted with three different types of MOSS. The care Which one is needed for this super small green area, is really little. Actually, the Moss from the usual daily activities will absorb moisture.

Bathroom mats from the moss

Who would have thought years ago that the shower can be so A lot useful with it! In terms of design, one can say that MOSS would fit almost any style of bathroom furnishings. But well, this project would spice up neutral or in pastel shades bathroom.

moss bathmat for each bathroom

In this bathroom, it makes for a better mood. Still, it great corresponds with other accessories of the same color. These are about the wash sponge and the bath towel. Both have been carried out in green. Here the frame is in the same metallic – color as the ground. It feels, the Moss from the soil to grow out really. It is important to learn that even your bathroom would make this about In the morning to a great wake up?

Bath Mats from moss     moss carpet bad idea moss carpet for the bathroom