Best ideas about Mailbox Post in your apartment

Typically the requirement for your mailbox is present not only in a country house but even for the suburban plot. After all, it is the same as the House has its own address. That is why any building that has a postal address must be with the mailbox.

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Variations of form, color, and material in the manufacture of many mailboxes, This can be cardboard and wood, and metal and plastic. They may all differ from each other not only material but also to model, design, and price. To make a mailbox is easy, it would be desired.

A large part of the mailbox models might produce independently. This applies more to a simple mailbox options. For more complex designs, manufacturing, you need certain skills. In this case, it is better to buy a mailbox in finished form.


Besides giving preference, a certain type of design, you should consider the overall style of the House, with the necessary capacity and space for its installation. It is very important to take into account the purpose of the mailbox. If planned, it’s used only for its intended purpose, for correspondence, option types can be more simple form. But if the mailbox must furthermore fulfill a decorative role, its design must be original, in accordance with the Interior of the House.

In the manufacture of construction, you can use multiple mailbox styles. To date, there are only three of them.

This can be a style:

Standard traditional style mailbox;
American style;
Original style.

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The traditional box is normal, standard view mailbox design located slit for correspondence. This is the easiest way of making your mailbox, which can be made of any material.

[Image: beautiful American-style mailbox] American style in its appearance and decoration may differ. Such boxes are installed only in the horizontal position that requires a nested correspondence, preliminary it is necessary to collapse the tube.

The hallmark of the American-style mailbox is specially checked. With his help, the postman easily determines whether to send the mail. In this case, the sender attaches a letter to send and accordingly raises the box.
This mailbox is only installed on a separately installed support in the form of tubes or reliance can be performed in the form of any shape.

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[Image: English mailbox] English style mail looks as pedestals baluster. Usually, this kind of runs using bricks and lasting. This construction is set near to the entrance of the yard to the House. This kind of design, rather like a miniature House made with taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the House than on the mailbox. The capacity of this type of mailbox is very large, allowing correspondence to invest in the box without much difficulty.

But there is still the original mailbox type. To this kind of boxes are made in accordance with the Interior, using the design ideas in the form of fabulous reincarnation of different items in the mailbox.

To make a mailbox in the original style, you can also do this and wooden and brick materials and metals. But be aware that for making metal, except the material you need and the skills of welder and welding machine.

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Whatever you choose, in whatever form and the execution-style mailbox is not stopped, do not forget that your mailbox at home should not violate the harmony and should fine vpisyvatsâ in the Interior.
Tips on making your mailbox
[Image: iron mailbox] Construct and fabricate box House for newspapers and letters easier than ever. To make this possible and with their own hands. But before you begin, you should use some tips and tricks on making high-quality design of your mailbox:

Manufacturing design using a wooden material, all its elements need to be linked between them by using the corners. Thus, the product will gain greater strength and future facilitate repairs;
If the projected gap for the tab newspapers and magazines is located in the upper part of it, to prevent the ingress of water in rainy weather, over slit set the special visor – protection. Thus, you protect received letters and newspapers from the effects of a drop of rain and snow;
The door for dredging correspondence should be placed at the bottom of the box. Better if it’s done in a folding form;
Placing the door for newspapers in front of the mailbox you want everything as should be calculated to prevent the cracks between the drawer and door.

In addition, you can show and originality. For example, for sound notification about receipt of mail in the mailbox, you can install an alarm, which is very convenient, especially on those days when bad weather. But this requires special skills and abilities.

prepare the following materials:

sheet veneer or plywood sheet (630 * 630 mm);
plywood thickness should be not less than 10 mm;
wooden beams within 1000 size * 75 * 50 mm;
the loop is made of brass or steel (120 mm);
Emery paper;
internal or padlock;
screws and brackets for padlock;
kleâŝijsâ composition for bonding of wooden surfaces;
Colloidal silica;
two-component epoxy adhesive.

The entire process of making box is carried out in several stages:

Prepared wooden beams need to be divided into three equally sized pieces and saw it. On one OTP Lenn OJ part of the beam is drawn three lines. Among which, one is the central line. The other two transverse lines, in this case, the distance between them should not exceed 300 mm. After this is done the main curve and using a hacksaw cut and trimmed edge bend.
Such work should be done with the remaining two pieces, strips, observing, with accuracy in relation to the work done at the first piece Hruska.
Ready-made bars stick together among themselves.
Plywood cut pieces to fit.
Cut sheets of plywood should be not less than 8 pieces on 320 * 160 mm. After that all preparations necessary to lay the concave section of the block, and handle the epoxy glue. Next the first layer on the main unit you want to lay a paper sheet, and after the plywood sheet. In order to prevent errors before gluing veneer sheets should be provisionally placed in accordance with the design. Thus, you check on all details match, which, in turn, will show whether all done correctly and not whether the formed cracks in the mailbox.
Once the glue dries, cover made amenable to rationalize and adjustment in accordance with the size of the back and the front of the mailbox.
On the front of it is necessary, cut a slit to accommodate mail and special doorway to retrieve mail from a mailbox.

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Across the width of the door is carved with a piano hinge, which is attached with screws.
Indoor mortise lock is installed.
Securing the cover on the box.
After installation of the door, the product is ground using sandpaper.
If you wish, you can open the mailbox finished with varnish or paint.

Making American mailbox
In order to make a simple model of this mailbox can be used when it is the manufacture of metal sheets. From them cut blanks in accordance with the dimensions and in accordance with the form of mailbox manufacturing project. The two main components in the form of a rectangle with a different size and the third part should be a little more in the form of a semicircle for the roof. Side sheets should be cut the same size.

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You have to make paving tiles? Useful guidance here.

Construction fastens using welding and about the assistance of nuts and bolts. Just fastened the door and stick to it.

If American type box to perform from a tree, it can be made in the form of a small house with a door, through which you can put in house mail.
Metal mailbox
This type of mailbox manufacturing is the most difficult and time-consuming manufacturing among all types of views. First of all, that for its production without special devices. First of all, this woman, drill, welding apparatus. But impossible, having the desire, any difficulties. But, considering that metal mailbox is much stronger than everyone else, that the game is worth the candle.

The process of manufacturing metal mailbox is almost the same as the production mailbox. The only difference between them is in the material and method of fastening.

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A ready version of the product is processed by a primer and painted, it can be painted in a single color and paint different pictures, the main thing, that everything was done with taste.

Here’s a fantasy, in this case, can not be the limit to lodge under the mail you can use the entire improvised material that is waterproof and does not deteriorate under the sultry Sun. The main thing, in this case, is originality. In General, as containers for mail hosting, you can use plastic bottles, pipes.

You can also construct the mailbox from the old wooden clocks, children’s school portfolio, old system, audio speakers, in General, with only what you want.

The original mailbox can serve as a piece of log. From it removed the heart, fasten a small door and repeat in any direction, horizontally, vertically or even oblique direction, but the main thing is so that hole for mail has not been under direct hit rainfall and everything else is the result of your imagination.

[Image: beautiful American box] mailbox can be installed in different ways and in different situations. If we talk about the American form of mailboxes, this type is installed on a special footing, English is installed on the mailbox type built monolithic Design.