Benefits of Motorized Roller Blinds

Among the items reported comfort in the daily life of a house are the curtains and blinds to dress the windows, and also to function as an aesthetic accessory shelter inside sun rays and provide privacy we need. It is therefore important to include for example, roller blinds for interior decoration , so to provide the most welfare friendly and print a wide appeal. As mentioned before, for various reasons we can integrate curtains glazed windows and walls of a contemporary house, fortunately there is a wide variety of options to choose from. Among this offer an interesting alternative, in terms of features and functionality that use characteristics are the blinds.


This is an ideal product for those places that have large windows or spaces easily accessible, and that have an engine system, and this becomes more than a luxury item that solves a certain complications of everyday life .

Manufacturing automation are designed to manage in a more simple and convenient closing blinds, garage doors and awnings. Among other benefits, with its use saves energy, because they possess specific detectors and electronic programming.  Is important to include the motorization of the shades in the time of manufacture and also to be installed by qualified professionals.
Among the advantages of this product find that the curtains guarding the privacy of homes, easy to hide and protect the interior from sun rays. While the engine can dispense with the use of cords annoying complications involved with constant use.  Automation and Somfy motorized blinds allow drive all the house simultaneously, separately or in groups. These groups can be easily managed through screen control, and the blinds can be integrated into automated systems in coordination with other housing systems.


Depending on the sun or the temperature of a room, curtains and blinds can be operated automatically, ensuring the tranquility of the environment, as these systems have quieter engines, almost inaudible.

The decoration of a stay will not be altered by connections of any type, as the Somfy radio systems do not include cables between the curtain and the control point. Cases are also contemplated a curtain head has no point of light, which provides solutions to battery.



Motorized Roller Blinds

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