Bedroom Theme Ideas for a Boy’s and Girl’s Room

It can be difficult to decorate any bedroom that is shared by two siblings, but decorating a bedroom that will be occupied by a boy and a girl presents an even greater challenge. He might not be too excited by a Disney Princess room, whereas she might be uncomfortable surrounded by Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. The trick is to have them help you to choose a decorating theme that is appropriate to both sexes

Horses are beloved by both girls and boys, and you can choose from many equestrian themes such as Cowboy, Race Horses and Rodeo. Purchase a stick-on mural to transform one wall to into a stable or use wall clings or a horse-patterned wallpaper border to add a horse element to the room. Create an arch covered with silk roses for her headboard — think Kentucky Derby rose wreath — and use a length of weathered wooden fence for his. Use horse-themed bedding, rocking horses if they’re age-appropriate and horse or bandanna-print fabric for curtains.



You can divide the room into “ladybugs and butterflies” and “creepy-crawlies,” or keep a homogenous theme throughout. Run a line of bug wall clings around the room at chair-rail height and hang rubber bugs from the ceiling on varying lengths of fishing line. Let the kids choose their favorite bug throw rugs to place next to their beds, and find bedding in matching colors. Use dragonfly or ladybug knobs to replace those on their existing dressers and nightstands, or paint on your own bugs freehand; add a tiny bit of iridescent paint as a final coat to give a bit of shimmer to ther

Rubber Duck
Cheerful rubber duckies appeal to kids of all ages and genders, and you need not restrict this decorating theme to the bathroom. Use a lot of bright yellow and soft blue on the walls, bedding and curtains. Stencil rubber ducks around the doors and windows, and add bright orange, smiling beaks. Put up a long, narrow shelf and use it to display rubber duckies of all types, colors and sizes. For a splashed-with-water look, glue clear oval glass stones to the walls flat-side down.

Jungle Safari
This theme is fun for both the animal lover and the young adventurer. Start with earth tones like sandy beiges, browns and greens, with an ethereal blue for the ceiling. Tuck a “jungle-y” tree in one corner — either a tall, leafy tropical potted plant or a plastic coconut palm from a party supply store. If you’re handy with a paintbrush or can rent an art student for a few hours, fill the walls with murals of leaves, fines, exotic flowers and jungle animals. Use animal-print bedding and accessorize with stuffed animals to match your theme.