Bedroom Ideas for Young Adults

When young adults strike out on their own into the real world, their bedrooms should reflect their personalities as well as their budget constraints. A young person’s bedroom decor should also be just a bit more grownup than the rooms of their childhood, adolescent or college years. They can, however, still use the things that were in their old rooms, just in a modified, adult-like fashion

Bedroom Ideas for Young Men
Did you have posters of your favorite rock bands and movie posters on your old room’s walls? Good news: You can keep those posters in your new “young adult” room. Bad news: You’ll have to spend money to get them framed. The main difference between posters in a kid’s room and posters in an adult’s room is not the poster itself, but whether or not it’s framed. Install bookcases that reflect your new tastes (old college textbooks, men’s magazines) but get rid of those Hardy Boy books. Choose classic colors like dark blues, tans, and blacks for your color scheme.


Bedroom Ideas for Young Women
Unfortunately, you can no longer get away with having posters of the Nirvana or Robert Pattinson on your walls. But a great idea for posters is your favorite movies. Just make sure they’re all framed. Because young ladies often have lots of things they want to put on walls (pictures, postcards, bulletin boards, mirrors), choose this minimalist tip and keep at least one wall completely bare. For your color schemes, just stay away from pinks and other pastels. Good color schemes for young adult female’s rooms include reds, blues, greens and violet. Shag rugs and matching bed spreads are also a good bet.

Bedroom Ideas for Men and Women
Ditch the old twin-sized bed. As a new adult, your bed size should be at the very least, a full-sized bed. Adults often cover their windows with matching curtains, as well. Finally, one of the most important things to remember when decorating your new grownup room: get rid of all clutter. While your college dorm room might have been filled with old pizza boxes, magazines and papers, your adult room needs to have storage spaces for all that. Get crates and stack them in your closet so they can’t be seen. Remember: less is more.