Bedroom decorating ideas with brown walls

One of our favorite colors for bedroom decor is brown, especially the one with the chocolate hue. This is a color that when combined properly can generate a positive energy in space, since it transmits joy, harmony and elegance. What is important to avoid mistakes is to first choose the style of decoration for the room in general and then focus on integrating the brown color either by painting the walls, textiles and decorative accessories.

If you want a stylish double room, try playing with different shades of brown walls, furniture and accessories. You can combine with the golden color to add a little more luxurious style and dramatic play down to brown. We give you many more ideas for decorating with brown in this photo gallery with newly decorated bedrooms:



The possibilities are many and very interesting. For example, we suggest you to get a room cheerful, tidy and warm, you can choose white or cream to go with brown. These contrasting colors besides brown color, they make the room is bright and not dark as could happen if we paint all rich brown.