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There’s nothing like the enchanting atmosphere of the past. And love even more things of these earlier periods still preserved. Would you like to have a deep oval tub as leaving in the film ‘Out of Africa’? Not fancy, not aristocracy … The ‘vintage’ is for lovers of nostalgic romanticism. Indeed, it is no secret that many women are choosing this century interior.


Would you know decorate a bathroom in this style but with a feminine touch? The steps are not difficult. Take note of some details that will make this room a place full of magic. To revive the spirit of the 20s and 30s in your toilet, the first thing to do is recover pieces of furniture and antique accessories such as auxiliary cabinets to store tools needed to perform your duties in this bedroom, apart from the already rounded mentioned deep tub with golden legs, if you have the handle of the shower and the shower head itself a rococo gold, much better.
In fact, touches of rococo dose exactly endow this feminine air room that you need . It can be seen, as mentioned before, in the design of faucets and toilets, but also also supplements you use, as part of a large mirror, on the wall or placed on the ground that -should not miss in the legs of the stool or chair to put in this room-if you put it-and verily, in the decoration of the cupboards.

A female with vintage style bathroom
Another telltale sign that you must have this furniture is that it is distressed or worn . You can put a coat of varnish to a furniture old, but of course, it should be possible to use yet. You can also use the metal aged, but not abused.
For a touch more femininity to your bathroom, forget minimalism … though not overdo it. Fill it romantic towel, perfume bottles filled with dried flowers or bouquets , large and storied soap …
Pick colors will also be important. You have to think that the feeling you want to convey is that of warmth, nostalgia and longing for the past and also from the point of view even more delicate and sweet: that of a woman. Therefore, u nas good choices would be the pale pink, beige, pink aqua, sky blue, etc. .

Bathrooms vintage female


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